Advanced Traffic Analysis

Combining aerial data with advanced data analysis to provide real insight into the behaviour of road users on major and minor road networks situated in Hong Kong. 


Traffic Flow, Volume & Vehicle Classification

A fundamental use case for aerial traffic monitoring is to count (and classify) the number of vehicles on certain sections of roads or highways, intersections and roundabouts. This is done by establishing 'gates'. Once a vehicle passes through these gates, the data concerning direction, flow and lane volume gets recorded and logged.

This analysis supports development scenarios where there might be a need to invest in the modification of a road/roundabout/intersection to handle the amount of traffic flowing through a particular area.   


Speed and Acceleration

Capture the true behaviour of motorists in a particular location. Our drones are kept high in the sky which lends itself to being a non-invasive / less distractive way of obtaining speed and acceleration data as with compared to using traditionally fixed road cameras and traffic surveillance officers. 

This data can be used to make informed decisions as to whether safety measures are required in certain locations.