Our Solutions

We specialise in flying drones for the architecture, engineering and construction industry ranging from structural inspections, land mapping and construction progress-monitoring.

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Aerial Inspections

Detailed and thorough inspections of building elements; facades and roof tops, and other built assets; bridges, chimney stacks and power lines. 

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Construction Monitoring

Reliable real time capturing of construction progress occurring on site by way of aerial photos or fly through videos. Cloud based timelines and As-Built vs As-Design comparisons.


Traffic Analysis

Combining drone footage with advanced analysis to provide traffic volume, flow, speed and acceleration data.  Click here to find out more. 


Surveying / Mapping

Precise geo-referenced orthomosaic maps, digital surface terrain models, 3D point clouds/textured models and more, generated through the use of specialist photogrammetry software.  



High resolution aerial photo/videography to suit a variety of requirements

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Bespoke Projects

If you have an idea and need support from a specialist drone team, please get in touch as we would be more than happy to assist. 

Recent and continued advancement of drone technology enables us to fly longer and safer. And this, when coupled with payloads such as high-definition cameras and sensors, creates an incredibly powerful way to capture accurate data which can help your business in a whole new way.