Frequently Asked Questions


How safe are your UAV's?

We are confident that our operating and maintenance procedures are among the best in Hong Kong and so this makes our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) extremely safe. 


Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have comprehensive third party liability insurance. 


How far can you fly?

We are governed by CAD Regulations which states that the UAV must stay within 500m of the operator. This effectively gives us a 1km flying zone and is the definition of 'Visual Line of Sight' (VLOS). 


How high can you fly?

As we are governed by CAD regulations the UAV cannot exceed 300 feet (90m) above ground level. From experience, we've found that this is high enough for most projects that we encounter. 


Can you fly in the wind/rain?

Yes, it is possible to fly in the wind. Our UAVs are capable of operating in winds of up to 10m/s (or 22mph). 

In terms of flying in the rain, the UAV can withstand a small amount of water ingress. However we find that the lens gets water on it quite quickly, and since data capture is dependent on the camera, it is not recommended to conduct flight operations (for most activities) when it is raining. 

Do you have a license? 

Yes, all our pilots hold an aviation qualification which is accepted and recognized by both the UK Civil Aviation Authority and the HK Civil Aviation Department as evidence of pilot competency. 


Do you have a permit?

For all 'non-recreational' UAV activity in Hong Kong, it is necessary to obtain approval from CAD for each and every project. This is done by submitting further particulars to CAD along with copies of insurance and other documentation. Approvals can take up to 28 days - so this must be kept in mind when planning your project. 


How long can you fly for?

Our UAVs can fly for approximately 10-25 minutes depending on the payload (camera or sensors attached) before the batteries need to be changed. For each job we bring along enough batteries to conduct the flight operations and ensure continued aerial activity.


Can you fly inside?

Sure, we can fly inside. We can discuss your requirements in more detail and to find out if there is enough space to operate a UAV capable of obtaining the data that you need. 


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